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Currency Cultivate Soil (5.6L)

Currency Cultivate Soil (5.6L)


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A good potting soil is a good start for successful growing.


  • Ingredients: peat moss, coco peat, perlite, vermiculite 材料:纯天然泥炭土,精选椰糠,珍珠岩,蛭石
  • The soil is loose, breathable and good water drainage土质疏松透气,不积水
  • 土壤肥沃 Fertile soil
  • 6-7 pH值。适用于各种植物,蔬菜,幼苗 5.6-7pH value. Suitable for all kinds of plants, vegetables and seedlings.

Fresh Flowers Care Instructions

Flowers are a living piece of nature and require some essential hygiene practices to improve their vase life. We recommend the following generally, however, each species and their varieties often have individual requirements to bloom.

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Dried Flowers Care Instructions

Please, no water.Dried blooms do not like water. It makes their stems weak and mouldy. Keep them warm and dry at all times. 

Avoid direct sunlight. Dried flowers will naturally fade over time, particularly if they are kept in direct sunlight.

Be gentle.They are fragile, and become more fragile as time goes on. You may see some fall out from grasses, some petals or some little blooms but don’t despair. Collect these goodies and enjoy them in another way.

Good airflow. Ensure good airflow around your blooms and prevent temperature fluctuations. They don’t need airflow directly from an open window but in a stagnant or damp room they may become moist. If they become moist they can become mouldy.

Plant Care Instructions

Not everyone is born with a green thumb but thankfully there are tips, hacks, and tricks to keep your plants alive and thriving. Understanding the needs of your plants will lead to reduced stress, cleaner air, and a happier environment.

Read more on Plant Prep & Care for more care tips.


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