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Dry Lagurus (Bunny Tails) - Purple

Dry Lagurus (Bunny Tails) - Purple

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Dry Lagurus, or hare's tail grass, adds texture and warmth to decor with its soft, fluffy plumes. It is versatile, durable, and pairs well with other flowers and foliage, making it suitable for various decor styles, including long-lasting arrangements.
  • The dry lagurus (bunny tails) is approximately 100 grams per packet.

Care Instructions

Please, no water.Dried blooms do not like water. It makes their stems weak and mouldy. Keep them warm and dry at all times. 

Avoid direct sunlight. Dried flowers will naturally fade over time, particularly if they are kept in direct sunlight.

Be gentle.They are fragile, and become more fragile as time goes on. You may see some fall out from grasses, some petals or some little blooms but don’t despair. Collect these goodies and enjoy them in another way.

Good airflow. Ensure good airflow around your blooms and prevent temperature fluctuations. They don’t need airflow directly from an open window but in a stagnant or damp room they may become moist. If they become moist they can become mouldy.


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