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Monstera Plant (S)

Monstera Plant (S)

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Monstera plant is a tropical vine native to the tropical rain forest of Mexico and Central America. It the wild, they actually produce flowers and edible fruit that is said to taste similar to pineapple. It has fenestration where the holes appear as the leaf grows and matures.

Secret of success:
- Place in bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight may burn the leaves.
- Allow the soil dry out slightly in between the watering.
- Mist the foliage occasionally to mimic their natural habitat (provided with good air ventilation), but they are happily growing in any humidity.
- Fertilize once a month during growing season.
- Clean leaves of dust to ensure proper sunlight acceptance.

Care Instructions

Not everyone is born with a green thumb but thankfully there are tips, hacks, and tricks to keep your plants alive and thriving. Understanding the needs of your plants will lead to reduced stress, cleaner air, and a happier environment.

Read more on Plant Prep & Care for more care tips.


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