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Sansevieria Superba

Sansevieria Superba

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 Sansevieria Superba 


Sansevieria superba is a tough, visually striking plant with yellow stripes suitable for most environments. They are known for removing toxins and purifying the air and is a perfect plant for a beginner grower.   

Pot diameter: 12cm
Plant height: 30cm (Included pot height)


Secret of success:
☀️: Prefer a moderate amount of bright light for proper growth. It can tolerate low light, very low light will affect the color of leaves. Too much intense sunlight can cause the leaves turn yellow at the edges.
🌱: Well-drained soil.
🚿: Water the plant deeply once and allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.
✨: Fertilize once every 3 weeks during the growing season.

*Keep away from kids and pets*

Care Instructions

Not everyone is born with a green thumb but thankfully there are tips, hacks, and tricks to keep your plants alive and thriving. Understanding the needs of your plants will lead to reduced stress, cleaner air, and a happier environment.

Read more on Plant Prep & Care for more care tips.


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