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Begonia Chingipengii

Begonia Chingipengii

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Begonia chingipengii resembles begonia trichochila but is distinguished by the variegated leaves with light green veins and midrib contrasting with the dark green adaxial surface and maroon abaxial surface. It bears a thick coat of hairs on the underside of its leaves and on its petioles to break the flow of air around the stomata and thus reducing the loss of water through transpiration.

Secret of success:
- Prefer moderate amount of sunlight.
- Requires well-drained soil.
- Let the soil dry out between watering.
- Moderate humidity.
- Fertilise lightly during the growing season.

Pot diameter: 13cm
Plant height: 35cm (incl. pot height)

*Keep away from kids and pets*

Care Instructions

Not everyone is born with a green thumb but thankfully there are tips, hacks, and tricks to keep your plants alive and thriving. Understanding the needs of your plants will lead to reduced stress, cleaner air, and a happier environment.

Read more on Plant Prep & Care for more care tips.


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