Cerita kita

Sejak 2018, cabang Selatan kami resmi dibuka. Untuk melayani Anda dengan lebih baik, lokasi ini menyediakan layanan pengiriman pada hari yang sama dan lebih cepat di wilayah Selatan, Singapura dan Indonesia dengan pilihan bunga segar, dedaunan segar, bunga kering dan diawetkan, tanaman pot dan aksesoris floristry terbesar.

At Pudu Ria Florist, we care about making you and your loved one happy.

We source fresh cut flowers straight from local and international growers, passing the great value and quality on to you. Our extensive product lines consist of more than 10,000 diverse supply items to support customers’ unique creativity and expertise.

Freshness is our promise!

At Pudu Ria Florist, flowers are arrived few times in a week, usually in bud, to our warehouse. These flowers travel through cold chain management while in transit from the farm which promotes flower quality and vase life. Thus, your fresh cut flowers will have a longer vase life than those purchased at a local supermarket, local flower wholesaler, or florist.

'Flowers are packed fresh and deliver to you on the same day*.'

*Note that some flowers inherently keep a shorter or longer vase life.
*Same day delivery within Johor Bahru for order before 3pm.

We believe flowers are more than a transaction. Flowers are our passion.

We believe flowers can enhance every aspect of life, from mark the memories, capture aesthetics to unlock moods. With this, our flowers will always enhance the quality of your space or the occasion you have in mind.

Quality, cost effectiveness & convenient

At Pudu Ria Florist, we know that you look for three important things: quality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. This is why our online store offers you the possibility to:

  • Order fresh flowers and get them on the same day

    Place your order before 3pm daily and have them deliver to you on the same day.

  • Subscribe to your favourite blooms

    Sign up our flower subscription plans and get your favorite blooms on chosen delivery frequency. *Coming Soon

  • Shop flowers online 24/7 and get delivered

    Shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online store and get your flowers delivered straight to your doorstep.