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Panicum , (genus Panicum ), juga disebut panicgrass , genus besar rumput hijauan dan sereal dalam keluarga Poaceae, didistribusikan di seluruh daerah beriklim tropis dan hangat di dunia. Beberapa spesies, termasuk proso millet ( Panicum miliaceum ) dan millet kecil ( P. sumatrense ), merupakan tanaman pangan penting di Asia dan Afrika. Lihat juga jawawut.

panik rumput adalah kelompok tumbuhan yang beragam dan dapat berupa tanaman semusim atau tanaman keras. Banyak yang berumbai atau memiliki stolon atau rimpang (batang bawah tanah) dan dapat menyebar secara vegetatif. Bunga-bunga biasanya ditanggung dalam kelompok padat yang dikenal sebagai malai.

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Answers to most asked questions about fresh-cut flowers & foliages

Frequently Asked Questions

My flowers are in poor condition

As our flowers arrive in bud, is it expected for some stems to arrive looking droopy or squashed on arrival, but not too worry as they will perk up once popped in water. However if your flowers have arrived damaged or with any other quality concern please reach out to us with photos if possible and we will sort out for you immediately.

My flowers look droopy or sad

Don’t worry! We do send all our blooms dry so they will be thirsty when they arrive to you. Flowers and greenery use water to prop-up their stems, so if yours look droopy or sad, they’ll just need a trim, a 4-hours drink and to help them perk up agin. Watch our flower care tips that might help you.

My bouquet look different from the photo

Every stem is unique so sometimes colors vary or we'll need to use a substitution to give you the best bouquet! We try wherever possible to always send something similar or equivalent or an upgrade. We do send our blooms out in bud form, which means the bouquet may not look quite as expected upon arrive to you. Once the blooms have been trimmed, watered and arranged in a vase you will see that the buds start to bloom over the next few days. 

My flowers didn't last long

Most of our flowers would last for 7 days in low temperature room. Some may last up to 10 days with regular stem trims and water changes. But you’ll find that some stems naturally don’t last as long and will need taking out of your vase earlier. Blooms such as tulips and peonies are naturally have shorter vase life that last only around 5 days.

My flowers was delivered broken

While we do our very best to protect your flowers and plants on their journey to you, very occasionally they can have a bad trip. Please contact our customer service with photos of the flowers, and we will take care of this right away.