About Us




Pudu Ria Florist Trading has been around since 1999. We’re known to some as one of the veteran wholesalers and retailers in the Malaysian fresh-cut flower scene based in KL. You may or may not know we are operating from three different locations—our headquarters at Chan Sow Lin KL, a branch at Pudu, and a Southern branch at Permas Jaya, JB


We’re all about serving your floristry or gardening needs whether you’re a business owner, floral designer, event planner, creator, hobbyist, or you simply enjoy fresh flowers and plants.


We do know a thing or two about bringing in a wide variety of local and imported fresh-cut flowers, plants, decorations, floristry accessories and tools. On top of that, we also host workshops and provide a range of services such as custom floral arrangement and nationwide delivery for all our products.


Our business is built on one simple purpose - to share and spread our love for nature’s creation and everything beautiful. It is our mission to make that easily accessible to all of you across Malaysia. It is our dream to cultivate a culture of flowers and plants appreciation so we can all experience the goodness they bring to our daily lives.


Let us be a part of your life for any reason, occasion or location. Talk to us, tell us what you need. We bring the good stuff, you make a difference.